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The Glass Influences

The choice of the container used to serve spirits is a matter of great relevance, as it can have a significant impact on the sensory perception of the drink. This influence arises from multiple factors intrinsic to the glass, including the type of crystal, its shape, and its size. A high-quality glass is characterized by being made of fine and transparent crystal, which allows for optimal visual appreciation of the liquor contained within it. Furthermore, it has a sufficiently wide base that ensures the stability of the container, a stem that facilitates holding it without the hand’s temperature interfering with the drink, and a broad vessel that maximizes the exposure of the liquor to the surface of the air, promoting the release of its characteristic aromas.

It is precisely the shape of the container that plays a crucial role in the sensory experience. Generally, glasses have a reduction in diameter towards the top, resulting in a narrower mouth than the body of the glass. This design’s main purpose is to retain volatile aromas within the glass, thus allowing for a more complete appreciation of the olfactory nuances of the liquor.

Regarding the specific choice of glass according to the type of liquor, it is important to note that different spirits may require different glass designs to maximize their sensory enjoyment. For example, whiskey is often served in “tumbler” glasses, which are shorter and wider, allowing for moderate exposure to oxygen to enhance certain flavors and aromas characteristic of this liquor.

However, when dealing with a refined liquor like “Bello Blanco,” it is preferably served in a balloon glass. This globular-shaped glass is a common choice among connoisseurs because its wide design allows for a more complete exposure of the liquor to the air, promoting the release of its complex aromas and flavors. Another suitable option is the tulip glass, characterized by its conical shape with a narrower top than at the base. This configuration channels and concentrates the aromas, providing an even richer and more enveloping tasting experience for those who wish to fully appreciate the qualities of “Bello Blanco.”

In summary, the choice of the right glass is an essential aspect to enhance the sensory experience when enjoying high-quality spirits such as “Bello Blanco.” The design of the glass can maximize the release of aromas and flavors, thus enhancing the appreciation of the unique characteristics of each liquor.


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