Eco Coffee Liqueur

This Bello Blanco coffee liqueur is an authentic premium delight. Made with Godello grape brandy, with some blends of UTZ Arabic and Robusta organic coffees and homogenized with an organic Peruvian panela syrup. The natural coffee used results in a perfect liqueur blend with the slightly floral sweetness of schnapps and the full aroma of real coffee.

ECO Coffee Liqueur 700 ml – 30.8% Vol

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Obtained from the distillation of 100% Godello grapes, a mixture of red and white grapes from the Barco de Valdeorras.


Excellent and careful blend of roasted robusta and arabica beans grown organically with UTZ certificate


Crushed sugar cane in an artisanal and unrefined way from a Peruvian cooperative called CAES Piura.

About The Product

Limited edition of 385 unique bottles
Artisan liqueur made from the most select raw materials: Godello do Barco de Valdeorras grape brandy, organic Peruvian panela and UTZ organic coffee.

Visual: Uniform dark black color with caramel edges, slightly dense texture, very creamy at room temperature due to daily agitation. This density can become a little more accentuated in case of serving it at low temperatures.

Aroma: Predominance of coffee with small nuances of honey and ripe fruit.

Taste: Coffee stands out mainly, being the exclusive protagonist. The panela flavor is very subtle.

Optimum consumption temperature: Oxygenate and serve at room temperature in a glass in the shape of a tulip or balloon for a correct tasting. For beginners in the world of liquor, consume between 3 and 8ºC for a milder flavor.

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