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This Bello Blanco coffee liqueur is an authentic premium delight. Made with Godello grape brandy, with some blends of UTZ Arabic and Robusta organic coffees and homogenized with an organic Peruvian panela syrup. The natural coffee used results in a perfect liqueur blend with the slightly floral sweetness of schnapps and the full aroma of real coffee.

ECO Coffee Liqueur 700 ml – 30.8% Vol

Bello Blanco decaffeinated liqueur is a high-quality gem. It is made with Godello grape brandy and a blend of decaffeinated UTZ organic coffees, both Arabica and Robusta. These are mixed with an organic Peruvian panela syrup, creating a balanced liquor with the floral sweetness of the brandy and the authentic aroma of coffee.

Decaffeinated Coffee Liqueur 700 ml – 32.2 % Vol

Fruity liqueur based on Godello grape brandy macerated with these tiny bluish-black berries with a slightly acid flavor harvested at the optimum ripening moment at the end of July and sweetened with a fine organic sugar syrup and low mineralization water.

Blueberries 700ml– 26 ́7 VOL


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